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Represent a Client

New login option coming soon!

On October 22, 2012, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will be offering a second login option in addition to the CRA user ID and password. You may be able to use your online banking information to log in to the Represent a Client service.

This new service will be available to those who already use online banking services with participating Sign-in Partners.

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Use this secure service to access tax information on behalf of individuals and businesses, including your employer.

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For individuals, you can view the status of tax returns and refunds, view RRSP and TFSA information, view OAS, CPP and EI information slips and more. See our List of services for representatives of individuals.

For businesses, you can file returns and check their status, view account balances and transactions, transfer payments, view correspondence and more. See our List of services for representatives of businesses.