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Filing Information Returns Electronically (T4/T5 and other types of returns)

Internet filing for information returns is available until December 4, 2012.

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New for 2012: File up to 12 different types of returns using Web Forms

Beginning in January 2012, you can electronically file your T3, T4, T4A, T4A-NR, T4E, T4RIF, T4RSP, T5, T5007, T5008, T5018, and NR4 returns using the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Web Forms application. With each submission, you can include up to 50 slips.

Web Forms is an online service that lets you:

  • file original, additional, amended, and cancelled slips directly from the CRA Web site;
  • create an electronic information return;
  • validate data in real time, with prompts to correct errors before filing your slips;
  • calculate the totals for the summary;
  • print slips for recipients; and
  • securely submit encrypted returns over the Internet.

Electronic Mailing list

To get email updates about electronic filing, see Electronic Filing of Information Returns.


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